Playing With Time

F3DA8D49-E186-4B08-B47F-4EB19E7A1167Another drive by post about the art on display at SIHH. This time I wanted to two things from Hermès. First off is this installation by Dutch artist Levi van Veluw. It is a take both on the patterns of the classic Hermès scarf, but also the notion of time ( it is a watch fair after all). Hermès’ theme this year is games, so you can also interact with this sculpture by going in it or cranking wheels to watch objects fall or flow.

Hermès is, of course, associated with printmaking and graphic art through their scarfs and other accessories. This year, the company gifted us with a graphic novel and print. Unfortunately, I’ve already packed everything away, so I can’t tell you the artist’s name, but I do know that the conception is that there is a time lapse between the two pieces and the game is for the viewer to construct a new narrative by spotting the differences.