Frugal Fails: Watch Edition

966EE1F7-EEE6-4768-AFA1-9958A6E3B5E4Last Friday I went to a studio sale held by an antiques dealer. While this fella trades in furniture, I figured all dealers at some point end up with a big bag of watches because these are the things that tend to get put away in a drawer and forgotten. And over time they accumulate and the dealer sells off the lot of them.

So I went and I was right. So many watches! I bought two Ziploc Freezer bags full of timepieces. Most were plastic digital watches, but I was able to harvest straps and spring bars from them. About 30 percent were mechanical though. Again mostly cheap and busted up one or no jewel windups.  But there were a few treasures, namely the two Martina dive watches pictured above. Mortimer is a French watching criminal concern and these two examples have that super seventies vibe that makes one think of Jacques Cousteau or Steve Zissou or other adventurers of that era.

A441E6BC-72CE-4A61-A663-BD3BB67CF227There was a handful of other working watches (pictured above) that I spent the weekend cleaning up (see below) so I could sell them in the Gracious, Good Etsy shop985471A0-40D4-4603-BFE2-F6C0D1906AC3The fail part is that I really want to hold on to the smaller Dive watch. I wish I was more mercenary.