Shopping My Closet

989655DA-A6F0-4DCA-9C80-F7E12FEF4D20Don’t want to jinx things, but I’m ready to unpack my spring/summer clothes. Including this pink suede shoes from COS that I got at a post-holiday sale.

And here are some faves from last summer: a green top from Anthropologie (left); and a cool cotton top and skirt from Uniqlo.

And here’s a few new things mixed up with some rediscovered things. At left, a vintage Guayabera paired with a pair of grey trousers from Uniqlo and a pair of Hudson’s Bay branded Tevas. These are both end-of-season sale buys. While you can save a lot of dough by buying clothes nine months in advance, it’s important to remember that you’ve already got all the clothes you need.

Which brings me to the outfit on the right. I bought the pink t-shirt and draped pants at Old Navy because when I was trying on my last year’s pants I discovered that most of them were a little on the tight side. So not really shopping my closet as such. But the Rag and Bone cardigan is appropriated from Mr. Andrew’s wardrobe.