B0DC8A5B-1D6F-463F-A103-F23E937C73CB.jpegWhen it comes to the three Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle — it feels like most of the emphasis is focussed on recycling. There was a big kerfuffle in Toronto recently when the city reminded people that black takeout containers were not recyclable. And there was an immediate call to ban them. Even though they are very reusable. They are basically my Tupperware.

CB53AD90-DF00-4C64-B197-1A0F6299F4D9Anyway, since I am failing miserably at reduce but pretty good at recycling, I’m trying to get better at reusing. For example, two of my best-loved purses (thrifted leather bags from Holt Renfrew and François Margot)  were torn up on the inside (because they are so very best loved). I took them to Sole Survivor — a cobblers shop in Kensington Market — to get stitched up. I admit that I could have purchased two new bags for the cost of repairs, but these bags are perfect  for my needs. And a part of my shopping problem is that I will get something close to what I want because it’s a bargain, then being dissatisfied and buying something to replace it.

Anyway, Sole Survivor did a great job, and they did it quickly. Happiness all round.

191FEF20-D7F7-45E2-A3E8-BF4FACB953D1I also had to update my glasses prescription. Instead of getting new frames, I had my Warby Parkers refitted at Opticianado — an optician in my neighbourhood. It’s a cool spot with regular live music performances. They also offer a selection of new old stock frames so they have an expertise in putting new lenses in old glasses. Again, they got them all fixed up fast.

I also think supporting local independent businesses is good. Love thy neighbour, right?