New Found Things

901D8C62-3E33-4E7F-A52B-F8E751175803I would like to proudly state that I finally went on a trip without buying anything but on the last day of our trip to St. John’s I purchased this unakite ring for $3 at the Geo Centre gift shop (we didn’t want to pay to actually go into the museum). Unakite is said to help release you from the past and help you live in the moment.

DD81E503-A60A-491E-82E0-5972EADD6447I also found a few freebies, like this nice piece of granite and a rusty old fishing hook that were on the road when we were visiting my dad’s birthplace, the Battery.

491E99DE-F798-48C4-9966-D760FE89EACC.jpegAnd I brought home this gratis, 1980s-era semaphore poster from the gift shop at Cabot Tower. I think it was quite an achievement in restraint.