D41A19A4-5B21-46F4-954E-7A580AA06A17I have been following Forage Studios on Instagram for a while now. Forage is the Halifax-based ceramics studio of potter Mariko Paterson. I’ve been longing to own a piece of her art and finally pulled the trigger when I read a post she wrote about how difficult it is to have a craft practise in this day and age.

98A44125-3D60-4A28-AFEF-14733084E2DE.jpegI am not a wealthy person. But I do recognize that artists bring me so much joy that it’s time to give something back. Instead of just admiring the pretty pictures, I wanted to have something to hold in my hands while also acknowledging that I value Paterson’s work. Instead of making weekly, random Dollarama purchases, I wanted to invest in something handmade—even if it means putting off the endorphin rush of shopping for a month.

Thank you Forage!