Shopping Spree

3F10639F-62BF-474F-8EEC-E46AD7A94605It’s summer sale season and I went on a bit of a shopping bender. I blame the hot and humid weather for robbing me of all willpower. Here are some of my new looks, starting with the Old Navy popover shirt pictured above.

2B143F8C-F576-4246-AAFF-D63A76FBF102I also picked up a striped shirt dress because I am told the are all the rage. This one is also from Old Navy and is nice and light.

334D12F7-4D67-4188-BBBC-A59C39AF1FCAI am, in fact, on a stripey blue kick. I got this ruffle wrap dress at the Gap. I picked up this pink sleep skirt and a v-neck, sleeveless tshirt (pictured below, from the Gap website).

I bought these Gap things because I was on my way to meet my friend Becky and it was so hot that I sweated through all of my garments and I can’t stand feeling all damp.

But that’s not all, folks! I bought these high waisted pink pants on sale at Anthropologie because I thought they’d be good travelling pants for my trip to Switzerland (they were, but I have plenty of other pantaloons, so I cannot really justify buying this or any garb mentioned here.

I am also digging orangey-reds. That’s my palette now. Blue, Pink, Black, Grey and Orangy Res. Not just for summer, but also into fall. The long cardigan shown above left was on sale at Uniqlo, as was this colour popping and locking French Terry hoodie designed by former Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier.7BB3504E-F974-4DF7-A2E9-3E9650C5B756And finally, I purchased two pairs of yellow socks and some white plastic faux Birkenstocks at Miniso. If I was in charge of making up arbitrary Fashion Rules, I would say that everybody should have at least on pair of red shoes and all the yellow socks one can fit into your sock drawer!