Trade War

6C2A4C2A-8605-4384-9B42-4EE26239E6F7I haven’t had much time to do many BUNZ trades recently (although I’m trying to broker a few at the moment) because I’ve been out of town too much to do trades. In fact, I’ve been too busy to even post about my most recent swaps. Like this dental mold that I got in exchange for one of our surplus accordions.

E542D366-D5B6-4195-B92C-101D2E066BA7.jpegAnd I got this ficus for an Indonesian mask. It is to replace a plant that I killed last winter.

6A8ADAA9-623E-4C43-B3DF-9571D9640A2A.jpegMy favourite trade was a white peasant dress for this stack of Tiger Beats. It wasn’t a BUNZ trade, rather I gave my friend Stephanie the frock and she left this stack of magazines as a treat. It was so much fun revisiting the heartthrobs of my youth (because these mags were clearly aimed at 5-year-olds).