I Want You

94DB4D4A-4E35-4ACF-9DE8-9C4CB9D7FCF6.jpegI realize that I am a covetous person. I see things that other people have and I want them. Like these earrings that I spotted this woman wearing on the bus. I saw them and thought: “This is what I need to complete my life.”36619767-647E-40AB-85F8-B77D412DDDD8.jpegI see other people’s cool looks, take secret snaps and then try to adapt them to my own wardrobe. I call it homage or adaptation. By the way, I am going to take all of my pant legs up for fall.

Note: In a moment of enterprise and restraint, I spent hours trawling  the internet looking for the earrings and finally found them at Anthropologie, but they were too rich for my blood. Okay the hours spent searching for them shows that I have some capacity for work and not buying them proves that I have a tiny bit of impulse control.