467C312E-D888-4A4C-8770-A20D63B90ADA.jpegOn Monday I was working on a watch feature for Sharp Magazine. One of the timepieces that we borrowed was from Cartier and it came in this distinctive red bag. During the photo shoot, I noticed that the handle was made from a continuous loop of cord, cinched by a gold tone piece of crimp. And I thought to myself “that would make a nice necklace.”

27306A13-158F-40C2-9F7F-84A7B6491994.jpegSo I asked the local Cartier rep if I could keep the bag. he said yes. I cut out the string and voilà, I have a Cartier necklace.

Note to Cartier, if you want to adapt this concept into an actual piece of jewellery, you can have the idea for the price of giving me one.