Courage, May Love

8D40E254-0941-4683-B285-BDBD5FB4C39DI’ve been shopping at Courage My Love — a vintage shop in Kensington Market — since 1985. I have found everything from silk stockings to a Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress in this esoteric shop.

74901EE3-7C13-4F5E-94FB-8883179DC82CIn these newfangled days of social media. That’s where I first spotted these hand-shaped earrings. I tried to hold off on buying them for months and months but I finally caved.

75321E9E-AAAC-4AE3-A441-7C38C091FBE5.jpegAnd since I was in the shop, I also picked up this super summery mesh watch strap. I just have to find a watch that better suits it.