New Times

E6157119-56C0-4841-A270-75E43E76C460While most of my watch collection is vintage, I have invested in some contemporary mectimepieces. Most recently, I saved up to buy the Nomos Glashütte Tetra pictured below. I am totally in love with it and would wear it every day but I anthropomorphize my watches and felt like the others would get jealous. BF7B2367-A4F5-427C-A4F7-8EEE1ADCEDE9So I took my old new watches for a spin. I realize that even though they aren’t old, these pieces still have a retro vibe.

There’s the Parnis GMT which I bought as an experiment and am now thinking of selling because it’s kind of too big and the blued hands against a blue dial makes it hard to read. And then there’s my prized Glashütte Original Seventies Senator. The amount of finish on this watch still blows me away — I could spend hours just setting and resetting the date. And finally, the Seiko Recraft. Again I saved for a long time to buy this baby. I want to put it on a leather strap, though.

So which watch do I want to get next? I’ll let you know tomorrow!