Win Lose

9462AE72-0898-43B0-A83A-166971F018D3A few more finds from the St. Lawrence Antique Market. There was so many good things, including this expandable Edwardian bracelet. It’s missing a stone, but I’m sure that if I hold on to it for one to five years, I will find a replacement.

202026FA-0A2A-4DBB-AD05-C3B5D9C0BE6CAnother neat treasure was this branch and sponge coral necklace. I love it’s pinky colour.

1677FAC9-5479-4761-A2CD-3CA10F8DCAFAAnd check out this red Bakelite bangle. So many great finds for so very little money! If only I hadn’t knocked over a Rosenthal pitcher, and according to the laws of “You broke it, you bought it” it ended up costing me more money than any of my jewelry purchases.