Espace Race

41D6A377-88A3-418A-A67D-204C6FE064A8I scored my second Pierre Cardin Espace watch at the St. Lawrence Antique Market yesterday. The picture above is of the first one I got. This line of super mod timepieces was introduced in 1971 and had a very brief run. The futuristic designs were a little to ahead of their time (and probably still are).

A269FB3D-763F-4E4A-8C0C-BC09799B4D65Above is a picture of the new one. It is actually in much better shape than the first one: it works for starters (I never got around to fixing the first one even though I got it four years ago — taking it to my watch guy  was on my to do list for the last two weeks). And it has its the original weird proprietary pins for attaching the strap. And it has a strap.

Aside from the mad, mod styling, these watches are also interesting because they were made by Jaeger-LeCoultre.