In the Bag

1FD42781-9F99-4C99-B05F-95F35D85ACA5Mr. Andrew and I end out for lunch after his physiotherapy appointment on Wednesday. We went to get pizza at a place called Lit. And true to it’s name, the lighting in the restaurant was sublime. But instead of taking pictures of our food, I decided to make a vignette of all the thing in my purse. Because that’s a thing now and nobody even blinked as I styled my little photo shoot.

Anyway, here’s my daily carry, some new but most old. So many watch-branded thugs. And maybe too many pens.

Clockwise from top left: Chanel card case, a gift from my Beauty Editor days; Jaeger-LeCoultre card case, which I carry my transit passes, cards, tickets and tokens in; Audemars Piguet passport holder by Smythson; Rugged Lot monogrammed key fob; COS wallet; Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm because I am too lazy to wear lipstick; Nomos Glashütte fountain pen by Kaweco: Marvel fountain pen by Quo Vadis; and hot pink, transparent Waterman Fountain Pen.