Life Savers

EAE82E97-5B9F-4797-B653-7492B2190D5A2018 has been a challenging year. There have been great things and there have been trying times. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have family and friends who I can celebrate the good times with and who also buoy me up when seas get rough. I have a good life.

But I also want to acknowledge a few objects that saved my bacon more than once in the last 365 days. Starting with this towel I bought at the Hermès Overstock Sale last May. It was a long, humid summer and this towel helped keep me keep cool and stylish. When hot flashes hit, it’s always handy. And now that it’s getting cold outside, it also acts as a cozy blanket.

Like they say in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Always know where your towel is.”

AC6E354D-D0E3-4DD0-BF2F-591DE76E3617Next up is Black Snoopy, aka this Uniqlo x KAWS collectible. I bought him as art but the cat thought he was a plaything ruining this stuffed doll’s BNWT integrity. Turns out Snoop’s size and shape made him the perfect pillow. The curve of his back cradles the neck and supports the head.

656D0FAA-18EB-4664-9695-736C5F720626Another amazing discovery: Yoga Toes. These silicone saviours are designed to provide better balance by spreading your toes in your yoga practice, but I am wearing them under my Crocs to help realign my weird wide feet.

Yoga Toes have also helped me deal with chronic pain. I was getting an unbearable ache in my hip any time I walked for more than three of four blocks. Now I wear them almost anywhere from and my hip seems pain free for the moment.

0DB5B94B-23E8-4C13-9CE2-C5D13E877064And finally there’s this fan that Parmigiana Fleurier in Montreux last summer. It’s a beautiful town but again, I was a Sweaty Betty in Europe last summer. This baby helped keep me cold in Switzerland and as well as trips throughout the year that was.


kept me cool wherever I went and for that I say thank you to these friends.