5B6C1936-EA2F-4B4F-B457-0F5CFB86943CLike many Etsy sellers, I am growing frustrated with the platform. Searches have become convoluted. They have changed how sellers get paid and searches seem to favour new, mass manufactured goods over vintage.

6F51068D-D4BF-4889-AFBC-14B0CD706C1FI don’t make my living off Etsy, but I do rely on it to help cover costs when my freelance clients are slow to pay (which happens with increasing frequency). But if Etsy keeps my money to cover fees and taxes until the end of the month, then it’s hardly worth it.

E7F97136-E1A4-4689-89B4-98DAC1B937F5So I’m going to explore other platforms starting by purging some clothes that I don’t wear enough: a vintage Blue Jays Starter jacket, an embroidered Fraternal Order of Eagles bomber and a DSquared men’s camouflage print sweater. If anybody out there is interested, message me. I’m also experimenting with selling them through my Instagram (@rhonda.riche).