Watch World

8E44B229-BFBE-4780-9818-162A608E332B.jpegSo I was at Baselworld last week and the fair always makes me want to buy more watches. Two years ago, when I saw Gucci’s reissued acrylic watches, I immediately started hunting down my own vintage original. Last year, after seeing the Petit Four collection, I made it my mission to get a NOMOS Tetra.

This year, I took those two watches to Basel so they could visit their relatives .E82358FE-E512-42A7-8DF3-FB3BE4F77DBAWhen I got home, I switched out the strap of the Gucci to something more stripey.

8AC8FD51-D662-482B-919B-A54216063CA3There certainly were many watches that I wanted to bring home with me but I am still saving up for a vintage IWC/Porsche Design timepiece. Changing straps will have to be my new hobby for a while.