Kid Lit

90EE1285-7FD7-4E1D-9A04-58B79D70A333I did not grow up with a strong attachment to the culture  of the Old World. Except when it came to books. When I was studying French and German as a kid, the teachers would use Babar, Tintin and the Schtroumpfs (aka Smurfs) to engage us with learning new words.

I liked them for the pictures!

Here’s a pin I found at Thrift Town on the weekend. It’s Babar’s nephew Julian playing the cello. And here’s the original illustration.

03779C02-DA08-481B-AA7A-8E04BE91EB93The older I get, the more I catch myself regressing into childhood nostalgia. It is weirdly comforting but it shouldn’t be.