Bag Lady


I can’t always get what I want. But the universe is pretty good and providing what I need.

Case in point: I am travelling in Switzerland for work. I have a much loved, much repaired  Banana Republic tote that is the perfect shape and dimension for schlepping around press kits and the like, but the handle broke a few months ago and I haven’t had the resources to have it fixed (hearing aids and dental bills have drained my bank account).

I’m not saying that I don’t have too many  purses, but some weigh a ton when empty, or are just too small, or have a strap/handle that’s exhausting to carry around all day.

So I opted for my pink canvas Herschel backpack that I got at the Vancouver airport the first time my leather carryall discombobulated. This bag has also been much repaired and as much as I clean it, it’s becoming a little washed out and dingy. And one wants to look luxe at Baselworld.

By the time I reached Switzerland I really started to regret my bag choice. This morning I was trying to figure out how  to take a break from the fair to look for a big basic black satchel.

This is where the universe came in. While I was waiting for the train from Freiburg to Basel, I noticed an empty bag abandoned on the platform. It looked nice and clean and newish so I decided it was a sign and picked it up.

It is not a valuable purse (it’s what the kids call Vegan Leather meaning faux leather). But the style is discreet and it has all kinds of pockets to help organize all the notebooks, pens and electronic gadgetry I need for work.

1EA8A8F6-ECDD-486C-B120-7475968682A1So far so good, but the universe wasn’ finished with me yet. At my Chopard  appointment I was gifted with this dark blue tote. It fits everything I need and has super comfy shoulder straps.

I also regret my shoe choices. Perhaps fate will provide new, free footwear tomorrow?