Dollaback Girl

D3E34895-6197-4651-82D9-A7D34E6B15D8In NYC for a mini vacay. Today we went to the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens to eat, hit some Japanese dollar stores, and eat some more. I was excited to learn that there was a Daiso there and  their stationery sections is one of my favourite things. My friend Nika warned me in advance that the Queens outpost was disappointing and she was not wrong. It actually kind of sucked.

I had hoped to score some cool socks, cosmetics and Japanese candy as well, but the hosiery selection was weak. I did get a fairly bland fountain pen (because that’s my go-to souvenir now), some hand cream (because I forgot my salve at home), and some Chocobaby (because Chocobaby is delicious.)

The Flushing food experience was awesome! We visited a few food courts and if my body was better at handling gluttony, I could have eaten all day.