Modern Love

41358124-FD56-4BF0-BAF5-C4BD43923750I was in Kitchener visiting the family last week. My mother volunteers at a social services centre and told me that someone called her and said they had come across shoeboxes full of watches in house they bought. The caller wanted to know if they could be of use to the centre, but my mom advised them to donate them to the Salvation Army instead.

9CAEABD1-EF03-434B-BD75-22EC1C57DE41So I asked my sister if we could swing past the Sally Ann to see if said timepieces had been turned in. They were not. But there was a bunch of mid century modern necklaces and bracelets that I picked up.

A32D0516-9B1F-418C-8CBA-A5C6C0F61CE4There were a trio of pendants signed Troels Tin Denmark, De Passille-Sylvester Quebec and Jorgen Jensen, respectively.

I also picked up three unsigned bracelets. All in all a good haul!