Necklace Haul

283BA836-4176-4142-9E48-7F8CDC76485F.jpegI had a bit of downtime this afternoon. I decided to go on a thrift safari. I put on my lucky hunting necklace (a Pyrrha pendant depicting a stag) and hit the road. I took the Keele bus up to the Value Village now Downsview.

I hit a motherload of 1960s and ’70s jewelry (and one Art Deco-era Czech Glass necklace). There was so much that I had to leave some pieces behind. I stuck to necklaces (and one brooch).

814574FF-1DCB-4144-B82B-A2E154F2C456The highlight is, of course, the bubblegum pink Aarikka of Finland wood bead necklace. But the plastic lion is pretty irresistible too.