Clip Show

0F0C5946-635F-49BF-BCA4-97425F5FA7DFI have a huge backlog of jewellery pieces to photograph for and list on the Gracious Good Etsy shop. I have been focusing on the big ticket items because they are less work with a larger return. But since I had a little extra time this afternoon, I thought I’d go through some unsigned but still beautiful clip on earrings that I’ve had for ages.

Clip ons are not my thing. I’m too afraid of losing them. But there are still plenty of people who prefer them to pierced earrings.

And when your earrings are this big and bold, clips are probably a more comfortable option — the weight won’t stretch out your earlobes. And even though I’m not comfortable with clip ons, I am sort of tempted to keep a pair. Probably the rooster ones!