Suddenly Spring

B1D5535C-8C25-46ED-93D6-6B8B6FB757D9Traditionally, I wait until after April 14th to start pulling out my Spring and Summer wardrobe. It’s been my experience that, while we might have a few warm days before then, there is always the risk of snow.

I’ve also got to clean and mend my winter clothes before I pack them away for the season. Unclean garments attract moths, my sworn enemy.

869DFD80-0ECD-45E8-9F9B-F090C9BD3E7DThe danger of operating betwixt wardrobes is buying new spring garb before I’ve unpacked the old. Which I did yesterday. I purchased a new old stock Dragon Mall t-shirt and a striped, wrap front Gap midi skirt at the Value Village.

They are both super cool but do I need them? Probably not. I believe I already have two striped skirts and a striped wrap dress in my storage.