Pen Station

0138A341-EA05-40C5-BF89-F3493C7383D2Time for an update on the stationery situation. One of my pen dreams came true a week ago when I was invited to a Rolex lunch and they gifted us with a Rolex pen. I have seen these green pens at their booth at Basel and at their headquarters and have always admired them for details like the Rolex crown on the pusher and the signature bezel texture on the ring. I was literally fantasizing that I would have to borrow one at the lunch and when I tried to hand it back, the Rolex people would say, “please keep it.”

D55228EA-C122-4157-8D9B-C1EB25CF3F72So imagine my delight to find one at my place setting and seeing my name engraved on the clip!

2F79ED40-433D-414B-A42B-3ABD550C653ASurely this would be the last pen I would ever need (although I still want a Montblanc and a Cartier). But I was travelling a lot this week and I purloined these two ball points from the hotels I was staying at: the Shangri-La and the Celebration Bohemian in Orlando.

97D3F422-EDAA-432B-A797-1FAD84E18FB7I’m thinking I need to catalogue my writing implements.