Dress Up

278E7F78-66B0-4411-BE5B-D1CF114D59FCI am going to an Eighties-themed party. So I went to the Value Village looking for appropriately vintage garments.

A decade encapsulates a lot of different fashion trends. But for people who did not live through the “Me Decade” the Eighties are all about side ponytails and pastel clothing. At a party, authenticity is not as important as being able to “read” as Eighties.

Then there’s vanity. An 18-year-old dressed like the cover of a Sweet Valley High book will appear cute because they are cute. I, however, look like a clown. So I thought I would opt for Salt-N-Pepa style baseball jersey and bike shorts look.

This outfit felt more flattering, but when I wear it, however, it still doesn’t scream Eighties. In the end, I’ll probably opt for some shoulder duster earrings, something black and some lace gloves and say I’m Madonna. It will take up less room in my luggage.

9AE969EB-1556-4F72-A50B-E58ED1E59C9EAnd speaking of costume, I also picked up this Harvard hoodie so I can pretend that I went to an Ivy League school.