Investment Pieces

08E0FF35-247D-47E8-9C23-73720D816EBDMr. Andrew and I have been having many chats about the value of repairs. I try to darn socks, upcycle stained clothes and patch torn garments as best I can with my skill sets. I have also had some outfits altered because of changing fashions (or because I’ve outgrown them).

I’d like to say that I go to heroic efforts to stretch out the life of my wardrobe, but I really only resuscitate my most favourite things. And the way our society is set up, sometimes it simply costs less to replace a broken object than to try and fix it.

But cost and value are not always the same thing. For example, Mr. Andrew has two gorgeous vintage leather jackets. They fit him like they had been tailor made for him. But the leather is getting dry and they require some serious restoration work. He has gone to a leather repair shop and the estimate is more than a new jacket.

1CD014A7-F735-498E-92D6-C800800F2035Likewise, I have a few watches that need fixing and a few more that need maintenance so that they won’t break. I took three to my watch guy this week. If I were to compare the price of the repairs to the resale value of these watches, two of them wouldn’t be worth it.

But these aren’t watches you can simply go to a store and purchase. They all have a unique property to them — the Bulova has a gorgeous green dial and is super thin. The Sagara is close to 70 years old (if not older) but has a dial that looks factory fresh! And as my watch guy said, it’s got at least another 70 years on it.

76CFA4E2-9C04-42D0-B060-D43C00DA187BThe Omega, being an Omega, and given the madness of the secondary market, is a good return on the repair investment.

Anyway, I’m thinking that if you really love something, it’s worth the effort to fix it as opposed to replacing it. I think the work (in the case of darning) or the cost (in the case of paying someone else to do the repairs) makes you appreciate an object even more. When we take so much for granted, we devalue everything.

Here are some before and after pictures of my fixed up timepieces. Enjoy!