Maker’s Mark

D77216F4-F7C9-4187-9C1F-9CB67C94A6D6I am a lucky gal ’cuz through writing, I have got the opportunity to meet so many amazing, creative people.

And I’m lucky ’cuz I’ve also had the chance to acquire some of their work over the years. Last weekend, a group of my favourite makers where having a destash sale — selling off supplies and seconds. So I went to say hi, and to buy.

First of all, I always wanted two pieces by Kalpna Patel’s Old Weston jewelry designs: a Stay Gold necklace and a Wu Tang Clan ring. But whenever I had the chance to purchase, I never had the financial means. On Instagram (follow @ghostfaceknittah), Kalpna posted that she’d be bringing some rings to the sale. So now I have the ring. Plus, she said she found the bits and pieces needed to make the necklace again, so my name is on a list!

863113D4-998E-4BC0-B4FD-7C07BF76254FI also bought some bolo ties by ceramicist Xenia Taler. One of my favourite art works is a tile from the studio. If I had more moolah, I’d’ve bought a set of plates, bowls and coasters. But I’m happy to have these bolos.

81765BCE-F699-44BC-B8C8-6D9C29502EA8They are versatile too. You can wear them together on one tie!

8D6A57F1-E5CE-4274-99C9-D1C081FD86E3Next up, I visited Shannon Gerard. I also have a few of her creations: a crocheted boob, a Plant You Can’t Kill, and some felt coasters that look like branch slices. And now I am the proud owner of a collection of her Zines!

ADE524DB-32BF-41A5-8569-F2B3D6663CA5And last but not least, this throwback “Impeach Harper” pin by Becky Johnson. Way back in the day, Becky made the promotional puns for my Fringe play, K the M.