The Fix Is In

4B7AB5CB-930E-4EB5-8C8C-A6BB724AB6F0Following up on my goal to fix more things, I’m happy to report on a restoration project in progress. I got this Hopi Katsina doll at the St. Lawrence Market ages ago. It was missing a bunch of bits and I wanted to make it whole again.

8887BA95-B674-4235-A848-8C0114A0F581First, I had to do some research to ascertain what exactly was missing. I mean he was obviously one arm short, but what else needed replacing. The base was signed “Parrot” and with the help of Google, I figured out that he also lacked a beak and some side ear things.

E7623964-57B9-4B36-8138-7DDC649506B1Next, I had to figure out how to fix these bits. I knew I could whittle new limbs and beaks, but should I try and match the original artist’s technique or should I leave the replacements unpainted to be transparent about the repairs.

97D5FC7C-08A0-4D74-B1B6-450E09356EE1I also had to wait until the weather was nice enough so that I could whittle outside.

4424C833-7B4F-4EB2-93CB-8F53C3A968F7Last week, I found the perfect twig to recreate the arm. It was a sign. I also had enough left over for the beak. Still need some wood for the ears though.

Leaving it unpainted for now.