Katharine Mulherin

144FB02E-2F2F-49D1-A9C3-9C55FA4146EAGallerist Katharine Mulherin has died. This news is absolutely devastating to the arts community in Toronto. Over the years Mulherin ran several galleries, to including Bus, No Foundation and Mulherin, in New York and Toronto. She helped support Flying Books inside The Weekend Variety at 1080 Queen West Toronto. And she was a talented artist in her own right (see photos above and below).

33DDCB03-6B67-48C9-A4A5-529AF0BB7CE2She was also our neighbour when we lived on Queen Street West. I’m sad that that scene sort of fell apart with raising rents and aging artists. It’s hard always having to reinvent yourself over and over again.

My heart aches for Mulherin’s family and close friends and the art world at large. She was always a champion for her artists, bringing local faces to art fairs around the world and introducing Canadians to the international world.

C9D87695-51AA-4FED-897B-7C1D12B40980The last time we talked is when I bought this Romas Astrauskas Tiger from the gallery in November. I am deeply saddened but thankful that Katharine Mulherin was/is a part of that world.