Saturday’s Alright For Thrifting

A2E6EAC2-698F-4F85-ADC2-B51C074902CFToday I went on a short thrift jaunt to the East End. I planned to head out to deepest Scarborough, but it was so humid that I had to call it quits after two shops. Still managed to get some interesting items.

First off, this straw and raffia hat. Yes, I went out in the noonday sun without a hat and after five seconds on the sidewalk without one, I figured I’d better get one or pass out from sun stroke. Based on its shape and decoration, I reckon it’s a beach hat from the 1950s.

815FC5F5-4DC9-410F-BDE6-82DA24E04BBDI also found two gorgeous kimonos. I’m no expert but I think they are from the Showa or mid-20th century era. This is based on a few hours of googling so take this with a grain of salt.

11FD251C-2A20-49DA-8FEF-EF8ADE9B211CThey both have an ikat pattern. The blue one has a red lining and longer sleeves. It might be a little older. They are certainly the nicest kimonos that I have ever found.

EAED4246-FC37-4F55-A06A-C925A637C708And finally I found this appliqué Apillera wall hanging. Again, much more research is needed to figure out when and where (Chile or Peru or other) it was made, but it had led me down and interesting rabbit hole of Chilean Protest Apilleras. This gorgeous panels depict domestic scenes but the political ones also pack a powerful punch.

I look forward to spending the rest of the evening learning more about this art form.A2E6EAC2-698F-4F85-ADC2-B51C074902CF