Mad About Milli

F13B17F5-B4D7-40D5-8B7A-289C5483190DI first learned about Milli Gould when I was researching a Missoni-esque skirt that I found in a thrift shop many years ago.

0CB379A1-FF32-45E2-958C-13D3F5745747The label read Milli, which research revealed was the name of a boutique run by a Hamilton-based fashionista named Milli Gould. Gould died in October, but lived to see her brand thrive into the new Millennium and also to be celebrated in a retrospective at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

95A56514-DB42-42E7-8E40-B61204C75234Thanks to our friends Jessica and Luc, I was lucky enough to see the show this past Sunday. It was a cool collection drawn from the closets of her loyal customers and paired with art from the gallery.

59F5F640-05B5-4057-9E07-A99CA5F9CEB3We have become so used to stand alone designer boutiques and online shopping, that we forget the impact independent retailers on fashion. A shop like Milli also served as a spiritual advisor to its clientele, guiding buyers when making such important purchases as wedding dresses, career cloths and fancy formal wear.

D0827263-8635-4CE6-A22E-AA62B3391470Gould also helped push fashion forward, championing designers like Christian LaCroix (one of my greatest thrift shop finds was a fanciful three-piece LaCroix suit) as well as producing her own private label creations.

Milli: A Celebration of Style is on at the Art Gallery of Hamilton until February 9, 2020. It’s worth the trip to the Hammer!