Banner Year

6FC0FCD9-9CBC-474B-96A1-8855816E356FI injured my knee last week and the pain and discomfort are making it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Last night I woke up with a hundred ideas for Humorous articles of the type published on McSweeny’s Internet Tendancy. And the night before that, I was revived with thoughts of my Hermès scarves.

I found an Hermès Etendards et Bannieres scarf at a thrift shop earlier this year. I thought I bragged about it all over the inter webs, but I could find no mention of it in past blog posts. Nor did I see it on my Instagram feed.

I am remedying that now. It is a 90cm silk square originally designed by Annie Faivre in 1984. Faivre is a French graphic artist, who has, since 1979, created about 46 carres for the Maison Hermes.  She often hides her signature and a little monkey in her patterns. I think that maybe I didn’t write about it straight away was because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake. I spent many an excruciating hour looking for these Easter eggs in the complex design.