C42D2F9D-264B-4536-B045-17C4F791D5ABI’ve been sick with a cold since Monday. That combined with the truckload of work to finish up before all my editors shut up shop for the holidays  meant that I’ve been housebound for days.

Today I turned a corner in my suffering and got outside for a little bit. I had to go the Bloor and Ossington for a meeting that had been postponed from earlier in the week. And after that I thought I’d pop into some thrift shops on the way home.

I visited the value Village first. I ran into a friend Bonnie and we chatted for a bit. It may have been a crazy convo. I’ve been sick after all. But I apologize for rambling on.

86E93296-0E81-4BD5-9CB7-6D6A95D83BB4Speaking of rambling, I’ll split up the day’s discoveries into two posts — jewels and clothes — to stay focused.

I got two pendants and a modernist copper ring. I spent hours researching the ring (I can’t  sleep what with being all coughy and congested), but so far no dice.

5D569B5B-3D9A-4A77-8071-966AC7C44C79The open heart pendant is marked 925 and was priced at just $2.99. The St. Christopher medal and chain are both gold plated/filled and also only cost a few bones. I travel a lot. It might come in handy.