Luxe For Less

2E637C3C-545A-4419-B80D-8375E69EC51AI am in bed with a bad cold and am feeling introspective. I’ve been thinking of ways to reduce consumption and trying to adopt a more “less is more” philosophy to buying clothes moving forward. I generally try to buy second-hand but it would probably be better for the environment and my budget if I didn’t buy anything at all.

I probably put too much emphasis on the recreational aspects of thrift shopping. I love the thrill of the hunt. I love researching fashion and have spent years developing  an eye for good fabrics and techniques for finding the best deals.

FDEF78E6-DC19-44E3-AEBC-0340ABCD15D2Last week, for example, I got an epic haul of high end clothes by brands like Vince and Eileen Fischer. These labels suit me and never pass them up when I see them at the Value Village.

The secret to unearthing this treasure trove? Always check the racks near the dressing rooms. If you’re lucky, a person with great taste will have already scoured the aisles, tried stuff on and decided not to buy it because it didn’t fit or they didn’t have the cash or whatever.

A1B031E9-AF61-4485-8E59-43078DD67735People also abandon clothes near mirrors that are scattered through the store. And sometimes you’ll find things like shoes and purses stashed in the housewares section because a shopper is hiding items until they can return to purchase it at a later time.

B3F4130E-D472-4ED7-9304-455D0E54A39FAnyway, I found all of these items — a pair of brand new with tags pleated pants from the Gap, an Eileen Fisher linen vest, and a leather trimmed short sleeved t-shirt and a white long sleeved hat-shirt both by Vince.

95DF6904-93E9-46A8-A42A-EA791E87842FAnother pro-tip: educate yourself on cult labels like Vince or Eileen Fisher because they have really great quality but because the average Joe May not be as familiar with these brands, they aren’t always priced as high as pieces from the Gap, say.

Anyway, I’m just babbling now because I am sickly.