Cat Stuff

BD89B8A8-83B0-46A0-9BEF-6C23FA1FAF2CI’m getting a bionic knee tomorrow and it will be at least two weeks before I can range about looking for thrift shop treasure. So today I went on one last amble.

First I travelled East to the Value Village at Queen and Logan. I picked up a few cool things like a Pink Tartan jacket and a Daniel coat, but I put them back on the rack because they were both $20 and if I’m going to be hobbled, I’m also going to need the cash for cabs.

Next, I headed North to the VV at Woodbine and Danforth. Nothing of interest was found there. My last stop was the nearby St. John’s Mission Thrift, a little hole-in-the-Wall shop with very reasonable prices. They had a bunch of Kathie Winkle for Broadhurst qsaucers and plates. My cat collects the saucers and he doesn’t have this pattern (Capri) yet. He likes to eat and drink from them because are the perfect depth for his flat, little face. He also likes the mid-century graphics. And the were fifty cents each.

I also got myself a chambray shirt. It’s a simple popover style, something casual to lounge around in during my convalescence. Sorry, no photos though.

And forgive me if I’m not posting as much for the next couple of weeks. I probably won’t have much to write about. And forgive me if I post too much. I might get bored and start blogging about the most mundane things.