I Got A New Knee

E2575F7D-FF5A-4EDD-ABAE-532ABC11BBB1So I got my bionic knee. The surgery was a success. The medical team could not have been better. Still, I’ll be pretty much grounded (save for doctors appointments and physiotherapy) for the next little while. I think I said two weeks in my previous post, but that was probably overly optimistic.

I hope to use this downtime to reduce spending money (and acquiring new things). I hope to take the opportunity to finish a bunch of unfinished projects as well (although my brain is still a little foggy at the moment so any crafts involving sharp needles etc. Here is one such effort — I want to make a needle felted garland for my great niece. The plan is to make one animal for each letter in her name — Chloe. This is L as in llama.