Wonder Twin Powers

53917CAD-9158-4043-A802-35B49BE91F7EMy younger sister and I are less than a year apart in age so for a glorious month-and-a-half each year we are the same age. I like to call her my twin during this time because it amuses me.

As per twin tradition, we also take advantage of the super cheap January sales and spend the money we would have on a birthday present to buy ourselves something pretty. Here is what I got:

1. A cool aluminum bangle from the Salvation Army.

96A70DC2-A595-405B-A89F-8A49A1870D7C2. A comfy pair of wide-legged lounge pants and a white tunic top from Addition-Elle (I also got a bra and a hat, not pictured).

C2D4FE6C-CAA7-4FCB-986A-FAB44C9AAD2C3. A pair of pants and a stripey top from Joe Fresh (where I also got a another, unpictured bra). Please disregard the fact that I took this photo in the bathroom of the Greyhound bus on my way back from Kitchener.

E254E5CB-0DFA-4A85-9A71-3B90F80F602A4. We also got matching capes so we can be goths together. These capes are nice and gauzy which is perfect because we are both hot all off the time. We are going to start a podcast called Two Hotties because we are two women who are too hot. We will share tips for other folks who run at a high temperature. Tips like cape shopping for the perpetually sweaty.

And no, we didn’t take pictures because my sister is camera shy.