Arts From Crafts

2FC49FD8-AF11-4213-B46F-F895DC00E973Week two of self-isolation and I’ve been focusing on some creative projects to distract myself from spending hours on the interwebs reading about the collapse of society as we know it.

(I don’t think society is really going to end, but it will not be — it can’t be — the same as before.)

I don’t have any easy answers about how to fix the way I live to adapt to this new way of living, but making art and music and writing does help me explore and process many emotions. Here are a few works from my isolation period. Up top is a collage called “Wash Your Hands.” It’s a work in progress (I ran out of Matte Medium and I can’t leave the house to get more). I think you know where that is coming from.

C2DCBF20-26C1-4664-A41A-FD560EB367B3And since we’re all inside streaming tv, I turned this skritch skritch craft into a comment on the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King,” which is a show about how terrible and delusional people can be.