A Message From The Before Times

06FBF1C7-AC78-4B3D-89EE-4A1EBBF47BB6I got an unexpected package in the mail today. I had completely forgotten that, back in December, I had donated money to Snopes.com — a website devoted to sorting out internet myths and rumors and debunking urban legends.

BF5513DE-517E-4853-9782-4E7CBD7A586BI first started following it back in the 1990s, when I was a fact-checker myself. In the early days of Facebook, I found myself replying to spurious claims with a link to Snopes. So last year, when they started a fund raising campaign I figured I should kick in some dough as payback for all the times I’ve used the site as a resource (or just plain ol’ entertainment.

ED02BAC8-3D28-49D8-900A-7038FA37321CI forgot that as part of my donation to the membership drive, I would receive a Swag bag. Which is what arrived today. It contained three of my favourite things: stickers, a pin and two pens. The pens are particularly sexy as they are matte black and minimalist.

Swag aside, Snopes’ devotion to truth and accuracy is going to be essentially in the next nine months. They also relay on advertising to cover costs, so go visit the site today and get the facts!