Carry On

D587AF40-D9B9-48DC-9506-C9BFA5641DBANow that my 14-day, post-travel quarantine is over, I still intend to stay home unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately today it was necessary because I had to go to the bank because I have one bill that I can’t pay online. And I needed to stock up on some home office supplies so I thought I’d give Mr. Andrew a break from being my gofer and hit up the Dollarama along the way.

I’m still a little bit hobbled and I brought my cane along for extra security. But that restricts me from carrying my tote bag. Luckily, when I was in New York, I was gifted a neat, navy blue backpack from Panerai. Today’s excursion provided a perfect opportunity to try it out.

Pros: It has nice wide leather straps which prevent it from sliding off my narrow shoulders. And it has several handy exterior and interior pockets that allow me to access my cellphone and bank cards (because no stores or banks really want to handle dirty cash at the moment) without having to rummage through my bag. These are the main drawbacks of my otherwise trusty canvas Herschel backpack.

Cons: The body of the bag is made of neoprene. Which if you are a sweaty Betty like me, can cause you to heat up fast. Which is the problem with my Hunter backpack.

It’s also a nice, medium size which kept me from buying anything more than what was on my list. Well, that’s kind of a lie because I bought a strawberry plant and a parsley plant in case we need to start growing our own crops.