High on Glue

A9BEDDB2-542D-49D3-A8C2-C33A2B7CC6F1I’m also using my newfound free time to start repairing my stash of broken jewelry. Mainly things that just need a bit of super glue to fix them.

I started by resetting the plastic shell that became detached from this vintage clip on earring from this 1950s Demi-parure (the box says Hobé, but the jewels are unsigned).

52125790-A441-4F95-BE19-F0CD99F66BAEAnd I reattached the fluorite pointer that fell off this pendant. I can be new age again now.

EB50AA64-3D8B-4F2F-84F4-6DD5C0041BD0The drop came loose from this nephrite jade earring. I glued it back together. And I also found these 14k gold and jade ball studs with the broken drops. You’ll notice that the one one the top was replied badly by some one else. You will see no telltale yellow goo on the drop that I repaired, I am proud to report.

Anyway, one of the studs was missing a butterfly back so I went through my stash and sourced a new one and now I can wear these all the time. When you get bored of shopping your closet, you can always shop your project box.