A Weekend In Quarantine

B484F073-3FE7-4D27-89B3-1B16D7D3D52CStarting to get the flow of this slow core existence. My internal clock is resetting to its preferred office hours: noon to midnight. I find myself becoming more productive in some areas (cooking, cleaning, crafts) and super procrastinate-y in others (finding work, working on the Etsy shops, anything that could potentially make me money). I recognize how lucky I am too have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, and the support of friends and family — especially Mr. Andrew and the cat!

I’m also glad that I have my blog to help me keep track of how I spend my days now. Even under semi-lockdown, time is going by quickly. But at least I feel like I’ve accomplished a few things. For example, I made this collage that I’m calling CORVID-19. It’s actually based on a photograph I saw years ago at the Museum of Inuit Art just before it closed. It was part of a show of student photography and I tried to reach out to see if I could buy a print. The image of a raven on the edge of a building has always stuck in my head so I thought I’d recreate it from memory.

1B6C4BEB-09E0-48D3-B41A-3E22583EB8B4I also found some scraps of metal on my weekly trip to pick up groceries. I turned it into a necklace. It is a nice companion to a similar piece I made years ago. Feels appropriately post-Apocalyptic.

E6D0E5CA-9C3F-441D-8A36-A4F93EC40732And finally, I’ve always admired Christ Belcourt’s artwork. She recently reprinted colouring book versions of some of her art. I’m pretty sure this gesture was meant for kids, but I’m taking the challenge. I’ve invested more time in this project than any other over the long weekend. I’ve worn my pencil crayons to the nub. But I will finish.