4220D6E6-0C1A-4822-95BC-71CA2BF8D221We don’t go out much, but even on our short walk to buy groceries on Saturday, I still managed to find some free stuff on the sidewalk, And even though we were wearing our improvised masks and maintaining a six-foot distance from passerby, I still felt compelled to pick these items out various “Free” boxes.

The first find was this Wonder Woman crossbody bag. I emptied it of its collection of makeup and lip glosses and gave it a though wipe down with Purell when I got home.

2DC4331C-F870-47BD-82F5-395544F3DCBFFind number two was this book “Where Children Sleep” by the photographer James. Mollison. It came out to much acclaim in 2010, and is a collections of images of the sleep spaces of children around the world. Viewed through a 2020 lens, it packs a different kind of emotional wallop. We’re all in this pandemic together, but some of us are hit harder than others. It can’t be easy for kids living in crowded spaces without running water to self-isolate and constantly wash their hands.

There is one more, stranger freebie. Last week, Mr. Andrew discovered this costume jewelry necklace in the middle of our yard — a space that is surrounded by a tall hedge. We spent an entertaining hour speculating how it got there.