Treasure Hunt

CB5DCB02-252D-4215-BD33-D92D3DA84581Every day we try to spend an hour or so on some deep spring cleaning. Yesterday, Mr. Andrew disassembled the bed to vacuum up a year’s worth of dust bunnies (did I mention our very shoddy cat?).

I was sort of hoping that the under bed excavation would reveal some lost treasure, like my missing Elsa Perretti Pearls by the Yard earrings that seem to have disappeared while I was sleeping (Pro tip: Don’t sleep with your jewellery on for so many reasons).

While no jewelery hoard was uncovered, Mr. Andrew did find this much needed Wildcraft Salve. Wildcraft is a local company and like many small businesses, the last few months have been a struggle, so I wanted to give them a shout out. This balm is 100 percent natural and 99 percent organic and if the current crisis has taught us anything is that we need to be a little more conscious of how the product we use are made and supporting the people in our community as much as possible. I mean, there’s no shame in buying something cheap and cheerful from the Shoppers Drug Mart either. Sometimes that’s all a girl can afford. But if you have a little spare change in the piggy bank, I can tell you that this Wildcraft Salve smells delicious and is helping my ragged hands heal.