Rediscovery Channel

FA71C289-2F1B-45BA-AD66-A9D086B7304BSpring cleaning is yielding all kinds of treasures. I’m still sorting through boxes of broken and I sorted jewelry, either to harvest for parts so I can make new things or to clean up to sell on Etsy. Nobody is buying at the moment, but organizing and photographing stuff at least keeps me busy.

In one bag of jewels I came across a curb link bracelet which I had assumed was costume. I pulled it out of the stash thinking I could make it into a fun charm bracelet. And I noticed that it has a little stamp on it. I got out my loupe for a closer look and it read 9ct. I’m not 100 percent sure it’s actually good but I have worn it for a couple of days now and it hasn’t turned my arm green (something that usually happens when I wear metal that’s not gold or silver).

976E96A7-2AB3-432D-88D8-3B0A18955DFFThis rediscovery prompted me to pull out some other 9ct gold bracelets. I definitely don’t wear these enough because they are very old. But now that I’m at home all the time there’s little chance that I’ll lose them so why not bring them out of jewelry quarantine.

I got the Rose Gold Egyptian Revival scarab bracelet at an auction at Waddington’s. And the Edwardian  faux chain hinged bangle I found at the Value Village. Now with the little link bracelet I can have a proper arm party!