Making Up

0E9EB466-65C6-4B6F-A2C3-20F7B31E3B55As I mentioned last week, I impulse bought some makeup (I had to go to the Shoppers Drug Mart after getting some medical lab work done for my virtual doctor’s appointment—I feel obligated to give a reason for going outside).

6C85BC47-737F-48D5-80ED-724077BFB08CI don’t generally wear makeup unless I’m at an event (I’m too lazy). In fact, I don’t even know if I remember how to wear eyeshadow. But there’s no time like the present to practice. So I bought a Limited Edition, Salt ‘n’ Pepa palette because the 1990s was probably the last time I actually wore eye shadow on a regular basis. And I also purchased a CoverGirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil because I don’t like it when my lips feel dry.

416442BB-0700-4823-8C08-DBB4DF126993So sorry he reason I haven’t posted about it yet is  because I haven’t played with the eye shadow yet. I like the lip oil — it makes my kisser look dewy and it’s not sticky like a lip gloss, but I’m kind of scared of the shadow. My excuse was that I had to find and clean my makeup brushes. I’m also afraid that because my eyesight ain’t what it used to be, I won’t be able to see what I’m doing.

CA6D5C88-C6D5-40CD-A8D1-38A2635C2839On a successful makeup note, I met Rachel Felder, author of Red Lipstick, when I was  last in New York. This meeting inspired me to try wearing a bold lip colour again (I had a Bite lipstick that I got in a swag bag at the Film Festival). It looks pretty good. Maybe I can be a makeup lady after all.