Grad Watch Follow Up

EFF833EF-19AE-46D9-85F4-6F721519F61BSo I asked my mom about the watch my grandmother gave me and she is as perplexed as me. Her theory is that maybe it was a Christmas present not a grad gift. My mom is certain that my grandmother never gave my sisters graduation presents. Although she also doesn’t think my grandma as a pensioner would have had enough money to buy a teen a watch.

So mystery not solved. Here’s a picture of the watch that my parents gave me for graduating from University. At one time, Alfred Sung was other most prominent Canadian fashion designer. And this is a very handsome timepiece. But well made it is not. I’ve had the strap and  movement replaced because the original parts broke. It is currently in need of a new battery. Most of my non-wind up, non-solar powered watches all seem to have experienced battery death just before or shortly after lock down.