High On Glue

87D74353-A628-4313-A235-61347B9667FCStill filling my free time with repair projects. Mostly hemming pants and patching up  summer clothes  that have come out of storage. But I found a broken Wedgwood jar on the sidewalk during one of our night walks and I brought it home to mend it.

It had a pretty clean break, so I decided to super glue it back together. One day I hope to learn the Japanese are of  Kinsugi, aka repairing cracked pottery with gold. But for now, glue is the only gun in my aresenal. It’s not safe to use for food storage, but it will make a useful thing to store small things like jewellery.

576FA9EF-A9B9-428B-B54E-BDB8197A318EAnd speaking of jewellery, since I had the glue out, I made a sparkly bauble out of a pin that was missing a stone and a single, broken rhinestone earring. It kind of reminds me of an eye.